Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A more recent retrospective gander...from a large series based on assemblage and the 'collision of realities on a 2D plane'

Susan Spying , 2009 (gouache and found image on paper) The Illustrated Chapters , 2009 (ink and found image on paper) Boys Trick Secrets , 2009 (found image, cotton thread and doily)

From the archives...bit of a Melbourne theme here

Palais Theatre (ink on fabiano cotton rag paper). Another piece from 2007, this fine ink drawing hails from a stroll along the St Kilda esplanade in Melbourne. One of the best and loveliest buildings I've ever seen.

From the archives...

Sifting through image files from bygone projects...found this gem. St Kilda Pier
I made this piece for a project in 2007 and then lost it (in much the same way Duchamp lost his Fountain). It stands to be replicated