Monday, April 30, 2012

Back bloggin'

After two straight months of written journal work and grant application re-hashing - I am ready to get back into some hands on studio work. The outcome of my submission for the Career Development Grant through Arts Queensland shot me off onto another tangent to apply for the RADF program through my local council. Now that it has been printed, submitted, post marked and express mailed - I can finally crack on with making some new work. So in the little meantime, personal research via GoMA Brisbane charged my battery back up to almost-utter-fullness. The new featured show that opened on the 21st April, is described on the website as: ‘Contemporary Australia: Women’ — the second in the Gallery’s Contemporary Australia exhibition series — celebrates the diversity, energy and innovation of contemporary women artists working in this country today. So many of my have Australian artists have got a spot in this one! There are also a number of upcoming and mid-career artists that I reckon will make lasting impressions on people with their work. Hiromi Tango's X Chromosome makes direct reference to the double helix form as 'X' obviously indicates the female chromosome. Tango's three-dimensional installation is an amalgamation of colourful tentacles, patch worked faces and limbs bound tightly with yarn. The materials the artist has used allude to those typically associated with 'women's work' and you can stand under it. The interior space at the base of the structure seems womb like. In another way the tactility of the soft, rainbow surrounds is reminiscent of a childhood cubby house. I won't give too much more away, but with additional readings into the after effects of the recent flooding events in SE Queensland as well as the earthquake and tsunami in Japan last year - Tango's work stands as a seminal reminder of the importance of community, generosity and sharing our personal histories with each other.
See also the GoMA Cinematheque guide for the current exhibition program. Some of these flicks in many ways are underrated and still not as widely recognised in Australian households as they ought to least not against the likes of the American rom-coms/comic book blockbusters etc. The program also aligns with the 'Contemporary Australia - Women' theme and the curatorial touch of Margaret Pomeranz seeks to uplift/celebrate the myriad of female characters portrayed in the films. But at the same time, audiences will be challenged which I think balances it out. Nonetheless Australian films have come a long way. Emotionally charged drama and obscure comedy dominate with force. Two of my absolute favourites are showing in the program - Lantana and Look Both Ways. Some of the other delectable flicks featured include: - Animal Kingdom - Samson and Delilah - Sweetie - The Home Song Stories - Muriel's Wedding - Looking for Alibrandi - Burning Man - see also Tracey Moffatt/Sarah Watt