Monday, March 25, 2013

My main man

Check out the blog of my significant other - Warren Handley. He uses his TEN - P - BAG blog to document his developing video work and music as well as updates on his other creative projects. Warren also does regular VJ work and gigs for Dub Temple Records. He is featured in the recently released Nancy Zine - illustration issue #8. Love colouring in books? You need to get your paws on one of those. Keep an eye on the Dub Temple gig posters around Brisbane or check out their Facebook page.

Thanks Arts Queensland

March art makin'

Pink Pageantry
23 cm x 24 cm

The Storm Watcher
12 cm x 16 cm

Thursday, March 21, 2013

'Lost Girls...' priced 2D artworks

I have re-posted the images of all the two-dimensional artworks with PRICES on my tumblr blog. These works are part of the 'Lost Girls, Strong Girls and the Assembled Image' show. Please click on the link to be redirected to my little tumblr dedicated purely to the RADF project. Email me at for sales inquiries and further details.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Research gems

Two girls wearing shawls pose for a portrait in Huwara, Palestine, 1926.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Like what you see? The artworks on artbyrachaelbartram are for SALE

Setting up a proper website for my art practice is on my to do list for 2013. In the meantime, I really need to sell some of the work from previous studio projects that has piled up in my stockroom (brother's old bedroom okay). 

To view the artworks I have posted for sale click here
For sale inquiries: 

The Artworks posted on artbyrachaelbartram can be viewed in the archived posts on thisartstead. The pieces I have for sale that have been listed thus far, date back to a series I produced in 2011. This work was created for the ‘Assembling Worlds - Rachael Bartram and Warren Handley’ exhibition held at Jugglers Art Space Inc in Brisbane. 

Monday, March 4, 2013

1 month to go

As I write this I cannot believe that the Lost Girls… show opens in just over a month. It does not seem long ago I was swilling a nice red wine after receiving the RADF letter of offer. That was in May last year. The project has been through many developmental stages since then and I even squeezed in a trip to Europe for good measure. Barcelona has an amazing contemporary gallery and the newly opened ‘Tanks’ section of the Tate Modern is interesting…I will admit it did give me the giggles. 
Anyway, the last couple of months have been a learning curve in administration and project promotion. I have a new respect for artist-run initiatives and curators who put together big group shows and events. There is so much to think about, but working to a strict timeline/deadline is the most effective motivator. I now have a fat bundle of the Avant-Card art cards featuring The Budgie Smugglers piece. Keep your eyes peeled for them in various coffee haunts, funky venues and hubs across the GC/Brisbane region over the next few weeks. The ongoing administration business involves constant budget checking but with that side of the project all on track and in the black - I can now concentrate on framing the two-dimensional work, finishing the videos and promoting the exhibition. With any spare time in between balancing those tasks, heck I might even try and make some more art works. That would be nice! So many end up half finished or drafted and what does has not made the cut for the exhibition could be used elsewhere. 

Rainy Sunday/me-time pieces

Papergirl Brisbane and me-time collage

With the Lost Girls, Strong Girls and the Assembled Image exhibition fast approaching, I have been working through my big, fat to-do list. A substantial part of this exhibition preparation has entailed lengthy periods fulfilling general project administration duties. While this is relatively easy, it can be mind numbing and derriere stiffening staring at a laptop screen all day and number crunching with the budget paperwork. This has meant that there has been fewer daylight hours to work on any other art work separate from the RADF project. But over last weekend, the rain pelted down over SE Queensland and it just was not good strolling weather. So I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon indoors for some alone time with my cutting mat and collection of images.

I made three little Collage pieces -

Green Lady in Bloom

She Floats Like a Flower

Head in the Clouds

I have chosen Head in the Clouds to submit for the 2013 Papergirl Brisbane. It is a great concept event because it engages the community in the act of giving/exchanging art and creative ideas via bicycle deliveries! The dead line for submissions is the 10th of March.

The Papergirl project is summarised on the website as follows:

"Papergirl Brisbane is a community project where art and writing is collected from creative people, exhibited in a gallery, rolled up, and then distributed by bicycle to the random passers-by in Brisbane’s CBD."