Saturday, August 6, 2011

Semi Permanent sidelinin' - ETCC

Hey there,

Heard of Semi-Permanent? With the annual art/design convention extravaganza now spurring on various sideline events, this year I've made the bill for one of the Brisbane sideshows. Run through ETCC and funded by Creative Commons and the Australia Council for the Arts, this show is all about the creative remix. We know a remix in the context of music, but what if that idea was translated to artwork and other cross disciplinary creative mediums? Well if you want to see some fresh and funky outcomes of this progressive and experimental idea, head to the Shooting Gallery

The ETTC show installed at the Shooting Gallery, is up and running for three weeks before the works are subsequently passed on to the selected Melbourne artists for remixing. So if you're swanning about the CBD looking for some visual stimulation and cultural refreshing, walk 10mins up from Central Station (up Creek St into Spring Hill) and turn left into Bowen Street.


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