Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The University Years - 2009 (Honours)

In 2009 I undertook my Honours project. It was an intense year as the BVA Honours program commanded major written assessment pieces (one of which was a 10 000 word thesis no less) and cohesive/resolved studio based outcomes. My practical work split into two planes. One side of my practice was based around stop-motion, the shadowy silhouette figure and storytelling. On the other hand I also focused on the visual/conceptual possibilities of the two-dimensional format through the combination of collage and drawing. The result was two bodies of work that in retrospect, taught me a lot about trial and error in the studio - especially when employing a medium that is part low-tech/handmade and part digital (stop-motion animation).
The Dream Sequences video has been shown at a number of different shows/events and I have the parts and props ready to produce a sequel. It is just a matter of having an extra pair of hands! As for the two-dimensional works, my Honours project was the catalyst to an ongoing engagement with collage/assemblage methodology. It is a medium that is not restricted to the flat plane (see Christian Marclay for instance) and in the future I hope to push these ideas into new disciplines.

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