Monday, March 4, 2013

1 month to go

As I write this I cannot believe that the Lost Girls… show opens in just over a month. It does not seem long ago I was swilling a nice red wine after receiving the RADF letter of offer. That was in May last year. The project has been through many developmental stages since then and I even squeezed in a trip to Europe for good measure. Barcelona has an amazing contemporary gallery and the newly opened ‘Tanks’ section of the Tate Modern is interesting…I will admit it did give me the giggles. 
Anyway, the last couple of months have been a learning curve in administration and project promotion. I have a new respect for artist-run initiatives and curators who put together big group shows and events. There is so much to think about, but working to a strict timeline/deadline is the most effective motivator. I now have a fat bundle of the Avant-Card art cards featuring The Budgie Smugglers piece. Keep your eyes peeled for them in various coffee haunts, funky venues and hubs across the GC/Brisbane region over the next few weeks. The ongoing administration business involves constant budget checking but with that side of the project all on track and in the black - I can now concentrate on framing the two-dimensional work, finishing the videos and promoting the exhibition. With any spare time in between balancing those tasks, heck I might even try and make some more art works. That would be nice! So many end up half finished or drafted and what does has not made the cut for the exhibition could be used elsewhere. 

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