Friday, April 29, 2011

Developing 2D works - intersecting lanscapes and scenes


A mother and her pups torn against a sprawling, dusty suburbia. The blueish mountains in both images could be the same, as if the family of wolves could be skulking around the very edges of the brown roofed and blue pooled houses. I recently acquired another huge stack of old National Geographics, collectively dating from as far back as 1960. Both of these images were found in different editions and I joined together on this new plane. They seem to encroach on each other. I like fusing dual images using the assemblage process. The joining of contrasting and/or clashing situations, settings and objects enables a rewriting of the visual stories and contexts from which they derive. In further studio experimentation, these collage bases or dual scenes could provide the visual base for a third drawn layer etc etc

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