Friday, April 29, 2011

Dream study #1 (Elevator)

This study is the result of a thirst to get back into some proper drawing. Having been working in two-dimensional assemblage (using essentially just found images and a cutting knife) for an extended period, I felt the need to change tools and get back into drawing and mark making processes. This small scale study is based on a dream about Staircases and Elevators. As not to resemble a naff Escher homage (don't even dig his stuff anyway), I decided to use the Elevator motif. The plait like border kind of appropriates the prettiness of old novel dust sleeves or the covers of fairytale stories, fables and the like. It is just a study and could be realised in a fresher and less wonky way with different materials/tools definitely. But the restrictive style is intended to leave a greater portion of detail and visual information to the imagination. Especially given that the dream itself was a bit frantic and wacky, I would want only the artwork's title to modestly elude to the derivative context of the Elevator image.

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