Sunday, October 7, 2012

Screen tests in the lounge room

The photo above was captured during a series of simple screen tests in my lounge room. As I've probably noted in earlier posts this year, I am currently working on a regional arts project that aims to develop my art practice further. Part of my proposal instigates the use of moving image/video in the project and while I am gradually developing my ideas, ongoing studio experimentation helps this process along. After writing, sketching and storyboarding concepts for the video work - I took a small collection of props into the lounge room at home to test the visual effect. This was a pretty basic kind of exercise, yet in the scheme of things, rigging up a screen with two dining chairs and documenting different movements/arrangements with still photography worked well. I am not sure whether the final outcome of the proposed video work/s will be made using stop motion, live capture or a combination etc - but I think it definitely allows for improvisation.

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