Sunday, October 14, 2012

Shadow casting with illuminated imagery

After I reviewed the captured photos from this lounge room experiment, I started to think more about different ways I could use the screen and the alternative light/projection sources that could be implemented in this exercise. I recently researched the work of Fleur Elise Noble and Miwa Matreyek and since then the combination of light, colour and motion have become more relevant. Ever since I started using silhouette motifs and shadows in my art work, colour had played a lesser part in this form of visual representation. I could talk about silhouettes and the significance of the ‘shadow’s double’ until the cows come home. But the relationship between positive and negative space cannot solely be read or seen in black and white - pardon the pun. Colour opens up another avenue of symbolic allusion and I think in reference to emotional flux and personal reflection/reflexivity, it is may also form a distinct part of my project. Hence the second round of lounge room screen test shots. When I wrote my proposal, I factored in the need access a data projector if I was to be using moving image processes, stop-motion, shadow puppets etc. Having this piece of easy-to-use but also versatile AV equipment at my disposal has aided the development of my ideas in a big way. As a follow up to the first round of lounge room tests, I used the hired projector as my light source and repeated the process. I connected my laptop to the projector and opened existing photos of sunsets, landscapes etc. In the images I have posted here, the photo of clouds illuminates pinks and blues around the stark shadows. With the help of my assistant Waz, we tested a few varying background images and textures which had interesting visual outcomes. It is my focus now to develop the these experiments further to the stage of incorporating live capture video and/or rear projected moving images for a performed sequence (performed using the silhouette of my body as seen here). 
Thanks for reading, I will keep you posted on the developing two-dimensional pieces and collage as well. 
Over and out.

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